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Providing our customers with solutions to their CD Duplication & DVD Duplication requirements for Entertainment, Education and Information Services 

CD Duplication and DVD Duplication is the copying method used for smaller runs of up to five hundred discs and when customers need product urgently, we reproduce the discs from a customer CD master copy.

Before beginning the disc production process we check and ensure there are no problems with the master CD, once passed, the data is copied onto the CD and DVD disc copying machine's hard drives in our high capacity Duplication and Printing Suite. Every finished disc is verified before printing.

Dischromatics uses only grade A digital media from reputable CD and DVD manufacturing companies. The quality of the CD Copying and DVD Copying is backed up by comprehensive, customer-oriented service from a team of dedicated and well trained staff with vast knowledge of CD Duplication and DVD Duplication reproduction techniques, evidenced by glowing testimonials and ISO accreditations.

CD Replication, DVD Replication and Audio Cassette Production

As the Welsh trading division of Golding Products LTD, Dischromatics offers full UK manufacturing of CD Replication, DVD Replication & Audio Cassette. We offer competitively priced Replicated CD, Replicated DVD and Audio Cassette with free delivery in the UK and the EU, as well as a wide range of advanced and bespoke packaging.

We are specialists in working with musicians to reproduce their music CD duplication and have the advantage of being able to manufacture our own CD and DVD packaging including Dischromatics designed Digipaks from small runs, this gives the same opportunities to our customers as more established groups and artists purchasing high volume CD and DVD Production.

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