Dischromatics About Us page for informing our customers about different aspects of the company.

The menu supplies information on our history and staff. Displaying our accreditations and our company testimonials.

Dischromatics Ltd opened its doors for business in April 1989 and since then has gathered a great deal of experience in many areas, plus a whole host of clients, large and small from a whole multitude of sectors.
We have also invested heavily in our staff and our equipment to ensure a high-quality product and a top-class service, which has become synonymous with the Dischromatics brand.
Our investment in capital equipment and software upgrades continue through the current credit crisis as we have confidence in the future of Dischromatics and want to ensure our customers continue to receive top quality products and services well into the future.
In 2005 we further proved our commitment to quality with accreditation to ISO9001:2008.
In the menu on the left, you can find a little more about us, where we came from and where we are today, exactly what machinery we use and what our customers really think about us.  If required you can also download copies of our ISO certificates and quality policies.
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