Printed Digifiles CD Digifiles DVD Digifiles CD and DVD Digifiles Printed Digifiles for CD and DVD

Digifiles for CD and DVD are like a combination of a Digipak and a Card Wallet.

Printed CD and DVD Digifiles normally come printed in the four process colours and can hold a booklet as well as a CD or DVD disc.

A Digifile is a combination of a Digipak and a Card Wallet, a Digifile is made from folded and glued card and printed using the 4 process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) as standard. As well as in the standard slot, the product can be made into a "digibase" with a foam dot or a spider to hold the CD or DVD disc.
There are also options for the addition of a booklet like the Digipak
The number of folded pages in a Digifile can also be varied according to customer taste or requirements.
For the design specifications for this product, please go to our artwork specification page.
Material: Doubled 300-330 gsm GC1 cardboard
Trays: Clear, White, Black (other colours on request)
Format:  CD, DVD, A5, midsize, book size, 8cm Digifile
Finish: Matt or Gloss Varnish, Reverse Side Print (rough texture), Embossing, Hot foil Embossing, Spot Varnish, Die cut
Variations: Number of Panels and Discs variable, Spine print possible, Dischromatics has different possibilities for booklet insertion (same as Digipak).


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