Printed Digisleeves CD Digisleeves DVD Digisleeves CD and DVD Digisleeves Printed Digisleeves for CD and DVD

Digisleeves are suitable for CD and DVD and give a higher perceived value.

Printed Digisleeves can be printed on both sides with pockets for the disc and a booklet.

The Digisleeve is stable and of a higher perceived value. Suitable for CD's, DVD's and Recordable CD-R and DVD-R. A combination of a Digipak and a Card Wallet. A Digisleeve is made from folded and glued card and can be printed on both the inside and outside, using the 4 process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) as standard.
There are plenty of opportunities for design innovation and customer information. The disc itself is supplied in a "pocket" at either end of the sleeve.  A second "pocket" at the other end can be used to hold a second disc or a booklet if one is required. The discs and booklet can be easily taken out and re-inserted into the Digisleeves.
The number of folded pages can also be varied according to customer taste or requirements. Call Dischromatics for more details if required.
For the design specifications for this product, please click Digisleeves specs.
Material: Doubled 300-330 gsm GC1 cardboard
Trays: Clear, White, Black (other colours on request)
Format: CD, DVD, 8cm Digisleeve.
Finish: Matt or Gloss Varnish, Reverse Side Print (rough texture), Embossing, Hot foil Embossing, Spot Varnish, Die cut
Variations: Number of Panels and Discs, Spine print possible, Different options for Booklet insertion (same as Digipak. 


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