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DVD Digipaks for DVD discs have in the main been used for CD Audio and CD Rom but are also ideal with DVD products.

DVD Digipaks can also be produced in-house for smaller volumes to go with DVD Duplication.

Dischromatics supplies in-house manufactured DVD Digipaks which is a DVD-sized pack available in double thickness card, hardback or textured cover options.


They are mainly used for CD-Audio, CD-Rom but equally useful for DVD replication products and many customers make this choice. Due the Digipaks functionality and various design features it remains a very popular choice.
A Digipak allows you the customer the freedom to apply your own style and creativity to the product.


Different types of print varnish, the number of folded pages, trays and booklets can be varied according to customer taste and requirements, as can their layout and positioning. Some features can be tailored exactly to the customers’ requirements.


The addition of a booklet is also possible, with four different placement options.
You can get further information for digpaks holding multiple discs by clicking Digipaks.

Material:  Doubled 300-330 gsm GC1 cardboard
Trays: Clear, White, Black (other colours on request)
Format:  8cm Digipak, UMD, A5, midsize, book size
Finish: Matt or Gloss Varnish, Reverse Side Print (rough texture, Embossing, Hot foil Embossing, Spot Varnish, Die cut
Slots: Diagonal, Horizontal, Pocket (Book sleeve)
Extras: Spine Print (inside print for continuous colour)

For duplicated discs, Digitally Printed Digipaks can equally be supplied - please click here for more information.

Go to design specifications for DVD Digipaks options and full descriptions
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