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Super Jewel Cases are similar to a standard case but with extra features.

Super jewel cases are clear, having round edges with a button opening method and with the option of holding a booklet.

A Super Jewel Case is a variation on the traditional CD Jewel Case or DVD Case; Super Jewel Cases are clear cases with additional original features making them stand out from the standard options. 

The CD-sized case from Dischromatics has a rounded edge, button opening mechanism and button CD-holding hub (requires specialist rear inlay but standard CD Booklet). 

The DVD-sized version has a button opening mechanism and houses a standard DVD booklet as well as a separate rear inlay with four folding sides (non-standard).

Super jewel cases are manufactured from Polystyrene, both the case and the tray are clear.
They can be 1 or 2 disc stacked, fliptray on request. Please request other colours if required.


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