DVD Authoring and Blu-ray Authoring with a check disk created from the glass master prior to full production of the manufacturing process for guaranteed success.

Dischromatics is now able to supply a comprehensive and cost-effective DVD authoring and Blu-ray authoring and conversion service to all clients from our in-house mastering suite.

DVD Authoring or Blu-ray Authoring from Dischromatics will take the burden out of the mastering process and  oversee the project through to the final DVD Replication  or Blu-ray replication you require, complete with menus, chapters, links, subtitles etc! 
We can then transfer it directly into production without the need for you to intervene. Check discs can also be created from the Glass Master and supplied for your approval prior to full DVD or Blu-ray production pressing.
By providing the DVD Authoring and Blu-ray Authoring we can be your sole point of contact for updates and queries throughout your DVD and Blu-ray project, making everything smooth and easy for you, the customer, right from the outset through to full disc manufacturing and delivery of the final replicated discs.
Please call or email us to find out more about this mastering service which will perfectly prepare and compliment your professionally finished CD Replication, DVD’s or Blu-ray Replication and CD Duplication or DVD Duplication produced by Dischromatics Ltd.
With a proven track record of high quality DVD and Blu-ray titles from a variety of industries, organisations and film producers, you can be assured and satisfied your very important project will be in safe hands.
We will be able to take complete control of your project from the DVD authoring or Blu-ray authoring right through to Graphic Design, production, packing and even the fulfilment.


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