Blank Bulk CDR Pre printed CDR Bulk CDR CD Printing Printed CD

CD Printing, Blank Bulk CD's and CDRW's and even Vinyl Effect CD can be combined with duplication.

Printed CD discs and printed CDRW are also available in lithographic. CD Printing is available in full colour or with special pantone colours.

Printed CDs, Blank CDR's and Blank CDRW's, available in Blank Bulk which can be supplied Coated or Uncoated. We only supply CD-R’s and CD-RW’s from Grade-A brand names like CMCPRO-TY.  CD Printing can be Offset Printed in full colour or in special Pantone colours to your own specific artwork. Dischromatics Graphic Designers will help with any artwork issues.
If required, Dischromatics CD pre-printing products can be combined with our in-house CD Duplication service and we can also provide a full CD Replication facility as a trading division of Golding Products LTD, the only UK manufacturer.

Your CD pre-printed discs can be supplied on spindle or even be packed into any packaging option of your choice supplied by Dischromatics. See our Packaging Pages for more information. Details:
CD-Rs are Blank CD’s available for one-time burning on your own premises to allow for short runs of high specification quality finished Printed CD’s.
CD-RW’s are Blank CD’s available for printing, burning, wiping clean and re-burning on your own premises, which gives you a professionally finished printed CD to be used and re-used. We supply from small runs to large volumes and can turn product around in quick time.
Along with Printed CD and Blank CD printing, Pre printed DVDRs are also available. 
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