Pre-printed USB Memory Sticks for HSBC Wooden USB Memory Sticks Printed USB Memory Sticks with keyring fof. Printed USB Memory Sticks with cover HSBC USB Flash Memory Drives printed USB Flash Memory Sticks with wooden cover

Blank and Printed USB Flash Memory Drives from a large range for which we can also supply duplication from our UK Duplication Suite.

Blank USB and Pre-printed USB Flash Memory drives are an alternative to CD and DVD and can be supplied in various colours and configurations.

As an alternative to CDs and DVDs, Dischromatics can supply a full range of blank and Printed USB Flash Memory Drives in various colours, capacities, shapes and sizes. Dischromatics can pre-print these Flash Drives before supply with your own individual artwork, and combine them with any packaging option you require.
Whether you require a 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or even a 64GB flash memory drive, we can help you out. USB Flash Memory drives can be supplied with "pen top" caps as protection to cover the USB connector or with a modern "swivel" top (shown above) so that you never lose the cover.
Pen drives and various shapes and sizes of USB Flash Memory Drives are available pre-printed, in bulk and/or duplicated
A whole range of colours are available for the shell of the key, and the drives can be personalised with either a domed label printed in 1-4 colours or pad printed onto the body of the key in up to 4 colours depending on the quantity you require.
You can combine this service with CD Duplication.
Along with the USB Flash Memory Drives in Bulk or Pre-printed, should you require it, Dischromatics can also supply a full USB Duplication service.
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