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DVD Duplication Services with production from our office based at Cardiff, South Wales 

 DVD Duplication begins production by copying the customer master DVD-R into our state of the art high capacity DVD Duplicators and then DVD copies are burned to order, we supply from small runs to multiple copies of Duplicated DVD with a number of different printing options and methods offered for master reproduction from Dischromatics.
DVD Duplication is a Duplicated Digital versatile Disc, sometimes referred to as Digital Video Discs. We can supply blank DVDR’s with thermal transfer or retransfer print (for photographic quality) or inkjet on-body printing depending on the coated surface finish chosen, such as Watershield being waterproof DVDR's that do not smudge unlike normal uncoated inkjet printed DVD media!.

DVD Duplication can be supplied in single DVD-5 or dual layer DVD-9 Recordable DVDR

We can apply digitally printed labels which are produced on-site to the Duplicated DVD Rom or we can supply blank DVDs which can also be pre-printed. All of the Optical Discs used on site are genuine "Grade A" media, namely CMCTaiyo Yuden (for Watershield) or JVC.
If Watershield Recordable DVD disks are not used for ink jet printing or the proper lacquering process has not been applied, problems can occur.
Our small run DVD Rom Duplication services based in the UK are most economical for quantities of less than 1000 units, although replicated DVDs are available from 500 copies and we are prepared to produce DVD Duplication in larger volumes if the demand is more immediate. The process involves burning data from a customer master onto a blank DVDR.
The master data, which can include Video, Audio, Data files and images is read into our 'state of the art' DVD duplication systems, then this data is 'burned' or copied onto blank DVDR discs. Each copied DVD is verified during the duplication process and random manual checks are carried out to ensure successful copying in accordance with our established ISO9001:2008 procedures.
This procedure also applies to our CD Duplication service. Our machines are able to burn Recordable DVD-R and DVD+R along with Re-writable DVDs like DVD-RW and DVD+RW with a capacity from 4.7GB for single layer to 8.5GB double layer.
DVD replaced the VHS tape and was taken up by distributors of movie and home entertainment. The result is a much superior quality and the discs are more durable. VHS was always subject to flicker and instability, breaking down after constant use. Additionally, DVD Duplication is an ideal opportunity for including interaction.

Other Relevant Services to Compliment DVD Duplication

We will provide our customers with a mastering service for DVD from our in-house Authoring suite 
Most forms of packaging are available as well as on spindle, DVD and CD discs can be supplied in wallets, in DVD cases and CD cases and with or without paper parts, which, if required, can be digitally printed IN-HOUSE for fast-turnaround and low volumes, saving on time and cost!
Not only a quality CD and DVD Duplication company, we are also one of the only companies able to supply DVD Digipaks in low volumes with our duplicated DVD discs, and these are fully produced and hand-finished on site! Additionally, we are now able to offer low volumes of, Round Metal Tins and Clam Shells to all customers purchasing CDRs or DVDRs from Dischromatics.
For requirements of larger quantities of discs with normal lead-times, please see our DVD Replication page, or for examples of previous work and customers thoughts, our Testimonials pages are full of complimentary statements regarding our service.  
Please ensure you have obtained the relevant copyright documents as these will be requested when placing your order for DVD Duplication and DVD Printing. Dischromatics is based in Wales. _______________________________________________________________
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