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Floppy Disk Duplication is still available

We are one of the only suppliers of Floppy Disk Duplication left in the UK and can deliver from low runs to high volume direct to your customer

Still faithful to our origins, Dischromatics is one of the only suppliers still able to supply 3.5” Floppy Disk Duplication.
Whether your requirements are for disks in bulk, formatted or duplicated product, on-body print applied to the shutter or shell, or even labelled floppy disks, we are able to supply them all.
By applying your company’s logo or product title in colour or black to either the shutter of the duplicated floppy disk, its shell or even both of these, you can be sure to stay in the minds of your customers for a long time to come. Your floppy disks can be duplicated or formatted as required.
We can also provide a labelling service to clearly identify your product. User instructions can be included on any shape, size or colour label.
We are able to duplicate all printed and labelled floppy disks we supply according to your requirements. Our rapid floppy disk duplicators ensure perfect transferral of your data from your master. Thorough random checks also ensure that the production process is complete and effective. We can also format floppy disks ready for use at your place of work as soon as they arrive and provide fulfilment of disks to individual customers, as we still do for some of our clients to this day!


Please ensure you have obtained the relevant copyright documents as these will be requested when placing your order for CD Duplication, DVD Duplication, USB Duplication or Floppy Disk Duplication. 

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