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USB Flash Memory Drives including Duplication, the drives can be personalised to your requirements.

The Perfect Customisable Portable USB Storage Device with a large range of USB Flash Drives and Pendrives available.

USB Flash Memory Drives also known as USB Memory Keys, USB Memory Sticks and USB Pen Drives are a great alternative to CD duplication and DVD duplication, Dischromatics is able to supply a full range of USB Flash Memory Drives and Pen drives or Keys,  in various colours, capacities, shapes and sizes, and has the ability to personalise the product to your requirements with print or labels and can even apply copy protection to your data to prevent it from being wiped!
Whether you require 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB flash memory drives, with our NEW RANGE we can help you out.  USB Flash Memory drives can be supplied with "pen top" caps as protection to cover the USB connector or with a modern "swivel" top so that you never lose the cover. 
Custom shapes, sizes and colours are also available to suit every requirement; making these USB Flash drives the perfect marketing tool for your business thanks to their continued functionality and use, reaching even more potential clients. 
Dischromatics can package your USB drives and individually post them to your customers, with any additional (personalised) marketing material you wish to include!
A whole range of colours are available for the shell of the USB key, and the drives can be personalised with either a domed label printed in 1-4 colours or pad printed onto the body of the key in up to 4 colours depending on the quantity you require.
You can supply your master data to us in a number of ways including CD, DVD or on memory stick or even a USB Flash Drive, we do the rest, we can even help with the artwork and logo design if required. We can arrange copy protection, which will not only safeguard your data from deletion but allow use of the remaining space on the memory stick.
The flash drive itself is made up of a printed circuit board which carries all the circuitry with a USB connector fitted to one end. USB means Universal Serial Bus and was invented and developed by Ajay Bhatt whilst in the employment of Intel.
It has become an international standard for the interconnection between personal computer equipment and uses plugs and sockets and lightweight cables.
The circuit board is electrically insulated on the outside using various materials such as plastic, metal, wood or rubber to act as the outer case. The USB connector itself is protected with a removable cap or in some other way depending on the style of the product. 
All Personal Computers available today have USB ports available. It is very user-friendly in comparison to parallel or serial ports and is supported at the operating system level. The obvious advantage is that the user does not have to be technically knowledgeable in the hardware.
They are simply plug and play devices with the ability to be used through multiple platforms, working on Mac, Windows and Linux.
Please ensure you have obtained the relevant copyright documents as these will be requested when placing your order for CD Duplication, DVD Duplication and USB Flash Memory Drive Duplication.  

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