SecureCD-R for CDR duplication SecureCD-R copy protection system for CDR CDR SecureCD-R copy protection SecureCD-R for CD Duplication SecureCD-R copy protection for CD duplication

SecureCDR for CDR Duplication will enable you to stop illegal copies being produced.

SecureCDR combined with other measures will give you a feeling of extra safety once your CD duplication has completed.

Now you can protect your short CD duplication runs using SecureCD-R technology to work in the same way as SecuROM™ works for replicated CD discs, enabling you to beat software pirates and gain more revenue!

On-line encryption software protects your Windows .exe file and specially manufactured CD-Rs are used to burn the data to. The SecureCD-R protection system adds just 6MB of data to a CD prior to copying.  Just like SecuROM™ an authentication process is used to ensure only original CD-Rs will correctly function in the drive.

Dischromatics can combine this service with others we provide such as Thermal Printing and fast-turnaround to further enhance your CD and DVD products.

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