SecuROM for CD Replication SecuROM for DVD Replication CD Rom Replication with SecuROM copy protection SecuROM for CD and DVD ROM replication SecuROM copy protection for CD and DVD replication

Protection for CD & DVD Rom Replication will not affect the data and will ensure a measure of safety

Protection is a  system especially created for CD and DVD Replication.

CD ROMs and DVD ROMs from Dischromatics can now be copy protected thanks to Protection. Whilst ensuring that the data contained on the Replicated DVD or Replicated CD is not affected in any way, the application of Protection for CD and DVD ROM to your disc creations will prevent piracy of your software.

By combating the increasing software pirating tendency, you are certain to increase profits through higher sales of your CD and DVD products.

The Protection  for CD and DVD ROM system uses an authentication process to ensure only original discs will correctly function in the drive by locking an .exe file until the "key" is found.  A similar solution can now be used to protect pdfs and documents, and the "key" will not successfully transfer across in 1:1 copying!

Tests have shown Protection to be highly effective against cracking tools and disc emulator software. Protection is also a dynamic system, continuously updated by engineers, allowing programmers to gain their deserved profit to the detriment of software pirates. Protection for CD and DVD ROM will enable you to beat the pirates and maintain your intellectual property rights.

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