CD Clips and CD Spiders CD Clips CD Spiders for CD and DVD CD and DVD Clips & CD and DVD Spiders CD Clips & Spiders for affixing CD and DVD CD & DVD Clips & Spiders for card, plastic or paper

CD Clips and Spiders are available with a self adhesive backing for attaching your CD or DVD.

Spiders or Clips for CD and DVD are basically a central hub which is applied to paper, card or any other base medium you want to use.

CD Clips and CD Spiders are a plastic central "hub" with self-adhesive backing on one side for use when attaching CD & DVD discs to paper, card, plastic or indeed any other item! 

We are able to supply CD Clips and Spiders in bulk. They are used in-house for CD Duplication and DVD Duplication when we pack using our in-house manufactured digitally printed CD and DVD Packaging.

CD Clips and CD Spiders are available from Dischromatics in black, white or transparent. 


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