Shrink Wrapping and Cello wrap Cello Wrap Shrink Wrapping Shrink Wrapping for CD and DVD Packaging Cello Wrap for CD and DVD Packaging Shrink Wrapping and Cello wrap for CD and DVD protection

Shrink Wrapping & Cello wrap are perfect for finishing the packaging with a secure wrap.

By using Shrink wrapping or Cello wrapping, it will help to protect and ensure the appearance of the product is pristine and will also show if it has been tampered with.

Shrink wrapping encapsulates the whole packed product inside a tight plastic wrapper made of cellophane. 

This Cello Wrap option is also possible with a tear-off strip (like a cigarette case) to allow for easy removal. This is ideal for CD and DVD discs packed into jewel cases. Call Dischromatics for more information if required.

Shrink wrapping and Cello Wrap ensures that it will be immediately evident to any user if any product has been tampered with prior to purchase or use. This is a perfect and low cost finish for your CD and DVD products.


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