Fulfilment services are available for all products supplied by Dischromatics

We can provide you with fulfilment services for any product we produce. We can also receive free issue parts from customers for inclusion in the pack and there are warehouse facilities to store customer parts.

Dischromatics who is based in South Wales, UK offers a complete fulfilment service to Customers who may require distribution of duplicated CD's and duplicated DVD's, Floppy disks, postcards, flyers or other direct mail-outs to multiple addresses. We can also additionally pack free issue parts and have warehousing facilities to hold customers stock.
We can provide fulfilment services for the entire package including manuals, installation guides, media duplication/replication of floppy disks or CD ROMs’ from Customer Master, printing from customer artwork, collation of parts, final packing and distribution to one or multiple addresses.
We can also accommodate customers who may prefer to free issue certain parts for inclusion in the final fulfilment.

We can hold the stock in our warehouse and distribute on demand either from you or directly from your Customers.
Currently we provide fulfilment services to various companies and public sector organisations some of whom only need a single floppy disk duplicated and distributed to multiple addresses and also to companies that require a large number of additional parts included in the fulfilment services and require both large volumes to one address and distribution to multiple destinations.
We at Dischromatics understand the need for flexibility and the changing demands of our customers. We always strive to fulfil our customers schedule by maintaining a dialogue with them so that if a problem arises, we are able to respond as efficiently as possible and in your best interests to minimise any negative impacts to the fulfilment services. 
What else should you expect from an established, ISO accredited company like ours! Why not give us a call to discuss your fulfilment needs.


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