100% Recycled Digipaks for CD 100% Recycled Digipaks for DVD Recycled Digipaks for CD and DVD Recycled Biodegradable Digipaks Recycled Biodegradable Digipaks for CD and DVD

100% Recycled Digipaks are ideal for those customers with concerns about the environment.

Digipaks which are 100% recycled also have a tray produced from recycled material instead of the normal standard plastic tray and therefore is fully biodegradable.

100% Recycled Digipaks is one option compared to a Standard CD Digipak or Digipak those with environmental concerns that could be worth considering.

A 100% recycled Digipak, even has a tray produced from recycled material rather than the standard plastic it actually comes from root fibres!

Because the plastic has been eliminated from this design it is equally fully bio-degradable although it could be recycled again if you choose!! Even the inks are vegetable based and environmentally friendly too!

A perfect green product introduced into Dischromatics' vast range of CD and DVD packaging and proof that we are serious about maintaining our ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.


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