Bend-It Green Packs for CD Bend-It Green Packs for DVD Environmental friendly Packs for CD and DVD CD Bend-It Green Packs DVD Bend-It Green Packs Printed Green Packs for CD and DVD

Bend-It Green Packs are specially designed and produced to help with environmental issues.

Bend-it-Green packs for CD and DVD discs are made from one piece of cardboard and are totally recyclable after use.

The "Bend-It Green pack" is available in CD and DVD sizes and has been specifically designed to address those environmental concerns so prevalent today.

It is made from 100% recycled or FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified material and is printed using eco friendly vegetable soya ink alongside eco friendly glue and water-based varnish!

To complete the job, the Bend it Green Packs are produced from one single piece of cardboard meaning that overall it has 50% less of a carbon footprint than an ordinary Digipak! Naturally, a product of this stature can be fully recycled after use!

Why not follow our lead at Dischromatics in providing these excellent green CD and DVD Packaging options by trying them out?

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