History of Dischromatics from our start of business in 1989 and the changes over the years.

The history of Dischromatics although over 20 years old has always been around the digital media field with forays into PC building and servicing which has enhanced our own technical ability.

Dischromatics Ltd has been trading since 1989 and as the name suggests, the company was originally formed to fill a niche in the market providing floppy disks. A couple of years later disk duplication was added.
At the time, five and a quarter inch disks were the norm and we were the only company in the world with the ability to print photographic quality and achieve the drying process to get the necessary quality onto these disks.
Over time, the company has progressed through supplying 3.5” disk duplication and then into the CD-ROM and DVD Replication markets becoming a trading division of Golding Products LTD in the process.
State of the art CD-R and DVD-R/DVD+R duplication machines have also been purchased with thermal printers attached but the company offers a range of printing options including the thermal printing, inkjet printing and re-transfer. Dischromatics has become one of the leading CD Duplication and DVD Duplication producers in the UK as well as a go-to provider of CD Replication, DVD Replication and Audio Cassette Production..
The company has also enjoyed forays into the Networking and Computer industries, but more recently has decided to concentrate on its core business of CD and DVD duplication, CD & DVD replication and Audio Cassette Production. Nevertheless this experience has helped us to understand and utilise the benefits of computer technology and ensures we remain ahead of the competition.
Dischromatics has been a trading division of Golding Products LTD since 2017, this connection to the only UK replicator of Audio CD and DVD Video provides unbeatable quality, turn-around and security, especially in the current political climate.
Our exceptional products and outstanding track record with regards to customer service have enabled us to gain an excellent reputation in the industry and have led to key contracts with Blue-chip companies like LG, Microchip, Panasonic, Lloyds TSB, Microsoft, Axis-Shield and Scottish Widows and fast-growing companies like Ayngaran International and Axis Shield Diagnostics.
Dischromatics is a vibrant and forward-looking division, continually seeking to enhance customer satisfaction levels. This is why new products and services are constantly made available and staff are trained to better serve our customers' needs.


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