Key Personnel Information, we hope the pictures don't put you off!

The photos now uploaded will help you put some faces to the names of the people you have been dealing with, and here's a little background info on our "main players" and their history at Dischro...though it's not all deadly serious!!

Name: Stewart Spencer  Dischromatics' founder
Position: Chairman
Joined Dischro: 1989 (!)
Likes: Rugby, Pétanque, Wine, Family, Dining out
Dislikes: Misinformation and dishonesty
Dischro History: Stewart founded Dischromatics in 1989 and has grown the company into the strong enterprise it is today, entrenching his strong business values and experience from his time at Philips and other corporates into Dischromatics.
Name: Gareth SpencerGareth Spencer, Managing Director 
Position: Director
Joined Dischro: 2004
Likes: Sport, Quizzes, Foreign Languages
Dislikes: Disorganisation, Forgetting anything!
Dischromatics History: After his University Studies and time spent in France perfecting the language and playing rugby for Nevers, Gareth joined Dischromatics in 2004 and took over from Stewart as Managing Director 3 years later.  He now works on a consultancy basis and retains a Directorship along with working to build the Paul Turner Sports brand.  He wrote the ISO systems from scratch and helped redesign the office environment into an ergonomic and efficient space.
Name: Kayle Garkut  Technical Manager, Kayle Garkut
Position: Technical Manager
Joined Dischro: 1991
Likes: The Orb, Atari Computers, Graphics, Family
Dislikes: Cigarette smoke!
Dischro History: Kayle has literally grown with Dischromatics, joining the company as a teenager employed by Stewart and developing a whole array of indispensable skills in various areas from machine maintenance to digital printing.
Name: Alex SpencerAlex Spencer is the Sales Manager
Position: Managing Director
Joined Dischro: 2006
Likes: Walks along the beach, the wind in his hair
Dislikes: The precarious nature of our existence
Dischro History: Alex joined Dischromatics in 2006, giving the company the "air" of a family business. His easily approachable and helpful style ensures clients get the product that is right for them in the timeframe required, Alex is indeed very 'customer' driven. Alex has now taken over from Gareth as MD and also runs our creative brand, 'Dischro Creative'.
Name: Gareth ThomasGraphics and Authoring Manager
Position: Design Manager
Joined Dischro: 2010
Likes: Films, Music, Gym.  Undecided about Golf
Dislikes: Broccoli
Dischro History: Gareth joined the team after graduating as a graphic designer in 2010 and immediately rebranded the company, our literature and website.  Initially experienced in Graphic Design, he has since completed courses in DVD and Blu-ray editing and authoring, flash and web design to add these to his list of talents.

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