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Outdoor Banners can be used in a variety of ways and are perfect for getting your company message in front of a large group of people.

Outdoor Banners can be used for perimeter advertising at sports and other events and are a great way of marketing a business and its products over and over again.

Dischromatics is able to supply large, outdoor banners, perfect for marketing events and promoting businesses, for example as perimeter advertising at a sports ground.

An Outdoor Banner is a hugely customisable item, which can not only be printed with any design you desire, but can also be made to the exact size you require.

Outdoor banners are printed with stable inks and hemmed, with eyelets inserted ready for use immediately on delivery!  As a guide, most outdoor banners will cost approximately £35 per square metre, though please contact us to discuss exactly which option would suit you best and to receive a personalised quotation.

Our Outdoor Banners are made to last and can be made from one off to large quantities.

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