Multi-Pack Solutions are available in many variations for our customers who require a solution to packing more than a single disc.

Multi-Pack Solutions come in many different product groups including Burgopaks, Digifiles and Digisleeves and we will find a product to suit your needs.

This section contains suggestions from Dischromatics for customers requiring solutions to hold more than one CD or DVD disc, for example in a box-set.  For the relevant paper parts for each item, please see the relevant menu by clicking paper parts.

Please select a product to find out more, each page contains a short description of the item, plus several example images of the products we have previously produced.

As you can see there is a large list of Multi-Pack options including Burgopaks, DVD Multi cases, Digipaks, Digifiles and Digisleeves and because of their special nature there could be a minimum order, so please contact your sales representative for details.

Should you require any further information about any of Dischromatics products or wish to see any samples, please get in touch.

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