Printed Burgopaks Multipak Printed Burgopaks Multipak for CD Printed Burgopaks Multipak for DVD CD and DVD Burgopaks Multipak Printed Burgopaks Multipak or sliding Digipak

Digifile Multipak Options are used for Burgopak Multipak Options for CD and DVD is sometimes referred to as Sliding Digipaks.

Printed Burgopaks in the Multipak Option can be opened on two sides by simply pulling on one tag using a clever hidden opening method.

A Burgopak Multipak option, also sometimes called a sliding Digipak (or even Digipak Slider!), opens on 2 sides when one tab is pulled thanks to a clever hidden "mechanism". 

Each of the sides of a Burgopak Multipak can have a tray attached for the CD or DVD, thus doubling the capacity of the product from one to two discs. A relatively cheap but unique Multipak presentation from Dischromatics!


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