Printed Digifiles Multipaks Digifiles Multipaks with double thickness card Digifiles Multipaks for CD in both ends Digifiles Multipaks for CD and Booklet or two CD Printed Digifiles Multipaks for CD and DVD

CDs and DVDs and are supplied in double thickness card.

Printed Digifile Multipaks have a fold in the centre which joins the sides together to give the appearance of a book, with the CD or DVD placed in one end with a booklet in the other or with a disc placed in both ends.

Digifiles Multipaks are double thickness card with a central joining fold to form a "book". With slots on either side, a CD or DVD can be housed in both ends, or alternatively one disc and one booklet.

This is a very simple and yet professional looking product offered by Dischromatics, which will impress your customers. If you require help with the artwork for these Digifile Multipaks, our Graphic Design department would be pleased to help.

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