Printed Digisleeves Multipaks Digisleeves Multipaks for CD and DVD Digisleeves Multipaks with CD or DVD and Booklet Digisleeves Multipaks with Discs both ends or with booklet Printed Digisleeves Multipaks for CD and DVD

Digisleeve Multipaks are another Option for CD and DVD and are a similar product to Digifiles but with pockets on either side.

The Digisleeve Multipaks can be supplied with two CDs or two DVDs, one CD and one DVD or with a single disc in one end and a booklet in the other.

Similar to Digifiles, Digisleeves Multipacks are almost like 2 standard card wallets in one with a central joining fold.

With pockets on either side of a Digisleeve Multipak, a CD or DVD can be housed in both ends, although some people will prefer one disc and one booklet!

This is quite a flexible packing option from Dischromatics, having the ability to pack two disc sets and mixing CD and DVD.

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