DVD Multi Cases are similar to Standard DVD cases DVD Multi Cases for more than one disc DVD Multi Cases disc over disc solution DVD Cases in stacking format for more than one disc DVD Multi Cases face to face format

DVD Multi Case Options although similar to single cases allow the packaging of two or more discs.

DVD Multi Cases can be supplied in different configurations to suit customer choice, whereby discs can be accommodated on opposite sides or stacked.

DVD Multi Cases are very similar to a standard DVD case; a multi-capacity option is available for 2 discs or more. 

Different layouts are possible including situating the discs opposite one another, a "disc-over-disc" solution (with a centre "page") and a "spike" to stack the discs on. 

DVD Multi cases for 5 or more discs are usually thicker in size and often have at least one disc overlapping another.

These can be used for your DVD Duplication and DVD Replication from Dischromatics.


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