Dischromatics Announces Availability of New Range Of USB Flash Drives.

10th December 2010
The choice of USB Flash Memory Drives or Pendrives has never been greater and with the possibility of having new bespoke products produced, there are many obvious advantages which are being overlooked. In the past, floppy disks were used for similar reasons but in comparison, these USB Flash drives are so much faster, with literally thousands of time more memory available, and due to there being no moving parts they are much more robust.

USB Flash Memory Drives

Dischromatics has been in the media management business since 1989, they are an established CD, DVD and Blu-ray producer and provide USB Flash Drive Duplication and CD and DVD Duplication and is accredited to Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Standard ISO 1400:2004. Their Managing Director Gareth Spencer has a word of caution to would be purchasers of USB Flash Memory Drives “People should be aware that some suppliers are selling USB Drives, claiming that the capacity is higher than they actually are, in some cases 2GB drives have been ‘modified’ so that they emulate larger capacity drives, unfortunately when the data is written to them they fail, the drive freezes or maybe worse data is overwritten, losing valuable data already on the drive”.


The flash drive itself is made up of a printed circuit board which carries all the circuitry with a USB connector fitted to one end. USB means Universal Serial Bus and was invented and developed by Ajay Bhatt whilst in the employment of Intel. It has become an international standard for the interconnection between personal computer equipment and uses plugs and sockets and lightweight cables. The circuit board is electrically insulated on the outside using various materials such as plastic, metal, wood or rubber to act as the outer case. The USB connector itself is protected with a removable cap or in some other way depending on the style of the product.


All Personal Computers available today have USB ports available. USB is very user-friendly in comparison to parallel or serial ports and is supported at the operating system level. The obvious advantage is that the user does not have to be technically knowledgeable in the hardware. They are simply plug and play devices with the ability to be used through multiple platforms, working on Mac, Windows and Linux.


The uses for these devices are endless; they can be used as a tool for storing files, sent to clients as gifts at certain times of the year, as an incentive to purchase goods as an additional free gift with certain value orders, they could have catalogues or other data permanently copied onto them but with space left for more use. They could be distributed at trade shows, during conferences and seminars, so they can be used as an advertising gadget to enhance ones own image. With logos and any other data being printed permanently on the body, it will always be ‘in the eye of the beholder’. The data written to the Flash Drives can be copy-protected to prevent mistakingly deleting valuable data.


The convenience and uses of these USB Flash Memory Drives will help reduce costs of distribution of expensive and cumbersome documentation like catalogues which invariably ends up in the bin and therefore they can even contribute to reducing waste. The styles available already cover a wide range from the standard classic shapes to bracelets, keys, credit card, key rings and also multifunctional and designer products. Materials used include plastic, wood, metal and leather. All with personalised printing using pad or screen printing, digital photo printing and pantone colour match printing.


In the unlikely event that the USB Flash Memory Drive product required is not in the range of what is already available, customers can design their own.

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