DVD Replication is still holding up against Blu-ray

30th June 2011

Statistics show that the demand for Blu-ray replication is increasing but DVD Replication still has a place at the top table. We have seen CD Replication wane considerably but even these products still show some healthy demand.

Although DVD Replication cannot compete with what Blu-ray has to offer, not everyone needs the capacity and extra features of BD discs. Some customers requiring DVD-Rom whether its DVD-Video or DVD-Audio are satisfied with what these Replicated DVD can offer.

The change from Recorded VHS Video tapes to DVD Replication was a revolutionary change in data delivery and somewhat different to the change from Vinyl to CD Replication, no more problems with tape breakages or getting stuck in the player and with an unparalleled boost in quality output and performance. Now with the introduction of Blu-ray Laser Technology, the whole quality of delivery and interaction has snowballed.
There are of course different capacities available with all these Optical Discs. a 12cm single side, single layer Replicated DVD-5 has a capacity of 4.7GB, DVD-9 is a single sided dual layer disc with 8.5GB, whilst a DVD-10 is a double sided disc with a single layer and 9.4GB. Less common is the DVD-14 which is actually a DVD-5 single layer bonded  to a DVD-9 dual layer and has 13.24GB capacity. Finally there is the DVD-18 with two DVD-9 dual layer discs bonded together having a capacity of 17GB.
In 2006 and similar to the battle between VHS and Betamax tapes, a war broke out between the supporting companies of HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs. However with a maximum capacity of  a dual layer HD DVD of 30GB and a dual layer Replicated Blu-ray with the ability to hold up to 50GB, there was really no option. With Sony Playstation being supplied with Blu-ray drives and the ability of these drives to be backwards compatible and able to play DVD,  the success for BD discs was inevitable. For more in-depth technical information on this subject click here.
Certainly we are seeing a bigger demand for Blu-ray Replication, but there has been no drop in orders for DVD Replication, both Video and Audio. Considering the quality processes and materials used as well as the high spec industrial equipment that has to be used to produce CD Replication, DVD Replication and especially Blu-ray Replication, the prices of these products are comparitively inexpensive, although there is naturally quite an uplift for BD which is understandable.
Replicated DVD, Blu-ray and CD is used for larger volumes, normally from a minimum of 1000. Duplication is available for smaller quantities of Duplicated DVD and CD but not Blu-ray. There are qualtiy issues that will stop the discs working in certain drives. This company will never knowingly supply product that is not fit for purpose.
Dischromatics has always been able to supply new digital and optical disc products as soon as they have become available due to the excellent partnership it has built with the biggest replicator in Europe. For all DVD replication, CD Replication and Blu-ray Replication requirements please contact our sales department.
Written by Johnio Muccles

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