Dischromatics is awarded the Investors in People Standard.

3rd January 2012

With accreditation to ISO quality standard 9001:2008 and environmental standard 14001:2004, Dischromatics who were established in 1989 and supply CD and DVD Duplication and Replication, has now qualified and been awarded the Investors in People Standard.

The company has been familiar and using much of the criteria incorporated in the standard for many years but felt it wanted to test its own ethics and standards by formulating the policies by applying for the award to ensure compliance with all the essential criteria of ensuring staff are catered for in every aspect of business.
Dischromatics has always been committed to its customers and this has been displayed by customer retention and the increasing list of satisfied customers. Furthermore, they are of the firm belief that the skills and ability, understanding and knowledge, commitment and contentment of their staff are absolutely central to the success of the business. Application to the IIP standard just seemed a natural step for this company in order to formalise a policy to ensure members of the company are fully included and considered in every aspect.
The first step in the process was to obtain advice on the process and the Directors of Dischromatics are pleased to have had the opportunity to have worked with Denise Blackshaw of Penreka Limited, who was invaluable throughout the whole process from consultation through to assessment. The assessment is based totally on employee interviews and involves no paperwork whatsoever. Achieving this award is not only important to express the company’s desire to have an independent assessment of the business in terms of employee best practices but will most certainly help to obtain and retain business, especially through tendering due to the criteria demanded.
Naturally, every company is different, whether its size or diversity. Dischromatics itself has a varied and diverse workforce, with sales and production departments, Digital printing facilities, Graphic Design and DVD and Blu-ray Authoring as well as CD and DVD Duplication and Printing through to Packaging and fulfilment. This means that there are many different situations and processes involving a variety of staff, so the key is good communication, not just between management and staff but critically between each department in their own ability to understand the problems and challenges each face.
Clearly, once any company receives the Investors in People award it doesn’t stop there, the process must continue to ensure on-going success. At least every three years the organisations that have achieved the award will be formally re-assessed to ensure compliance. However, Dischromatics for its own purposes of best practice for good staff relations and especially good communication will continually assess their own procedures and methods to guarantee that their Investors in People award is not devalued but strengthened. The Investors in People website has a set of tools for anyone wishing to start the process.
Sometimes it can be easy to become complacent when absorbed in the day to day running of the business and one’s own problems, and without realising it, relationships can break down very quickly. The result of such failings over a long period can almost definitely lead to an irrevocable breakdown of communication in the workplace and deterioration of the business itself. The Investors in People award and continuing monitoring and improvement of the procedures adopted will undoubtedly help to ensure the continued success of the organisation.

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