Dischromatics Celebrates 10 years of accreditation to ISO 9001 Quality Standard

9th September 2014
Several years ago, the company introduced a digital printing line which enabled it to offer CD, DVD and Blu-ray packaging options into their production environment, with shrink wrapping machines to complete the process of fulfilment. With several of their own design packaging available like Digipacks and Card Wallets, it allows new musical artists, groups and bands to have their albums in lower volumes but looking as good as the famous artists who purchase thousands at a time. Digital printing of brochures, booklets, leaflets and posters are now available.
 Dischro Creative Customers consist of diverse organisations such as Sony, PHS, Axiom, Cardiff Blues Regional Rugby, Caerphilly CBC, Newport Food Festival, ADR AG, Circuit of Wales and many more but emphasises their ability to be innovative and apply their skills to any industry. The accreditation to ISO 9001 quality standard is very important, but not only to show to customers how serious they are about their services but also to maintain their own disciplined approach to every project. There does not seem to be any other CD and DVD Duplicator or Creative company that has this quality standard in the UK
Just over a year ago Dischromedia Record label was formed which gives artists the opportunity to record and release under this new label, furthermore, combined with the synergy between Dischromatics and Dischro Creative, it offers everything an artist needs to get their album released without going to different entities.  From the initial recording and mastering, through design of the CD label and paper parts, with promotion with music videos and photography, fulfilment and digital download management as well as social media marketing.
After twenty five years in business, Dischromatics has survived a number of recessions and seen much of their competition fail, due mainly to their inability to consistently supply products and services to the standard required by their clients. Accreditation to quality standards like ISO 9001 displays to clients that a company is prepared to invest in such systems to guarantee consistency and that clients are the most important part of any business. For more information please  email sales@dischromatics.co.uk or visit the website at www.dischromatics.co.uk

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