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CD Packaging, DVD and Blu-ray Packaging with printed parts produced from low runs with our in-house digital printing department

We have a large range of CD, DVD & Blu-ray packing options available, including single packs, multi packs and green packaging. There are also various advanced and special packaging choices.

Choose from any of the CD, DVD and Blu-ray packaging options we have available. This can be standard packaging or you can even create your own bespoke packaging to compliment your CD Replication, DVD Replication or Replicated Blu-ray.

Set your product apart from the rest by personalisation to your own needs. All specifications can be varied including: Shapes, Sizes, Colours and Textures. Dischromatics print their own CD and DVD packaging for low run CD and DVD Duplication. So they can even be used for direct mail.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quotation.  We have a large variety of standard packaging, special packaging, environmentally friendly packaging and multi-packaging solutions, plus a truly phenomenal range of options available in smaller quantities with our duplicated CD and DVD products including the ability to print in low runs as required using our in house digital printing facility.

For product information regarding each type of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Packaging Options we have available, please visit the relevant page by selecting from the list to the left.  Navigation between each page is possible and all pages contain descriptions of each item and a link to a relevant image.

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