Gold Embossing for CD products Gold Embossing for DVD products Gold Embossing on inlay sheets Digipaks with gold embossing Gold Embossing on wallets

 Gold Embossing will give your products a touch of style and will stand above your competitors.

Gold Embossing combined with matt and gloss effective printing will add to the visual impact of CD, DVD and any form of packaging.

Now Dischromatics can add your own personal Gold Embossing design to your paper parts and packaging solutions for an extra eye-catching element. 

By potentially also combining Matt and Gloss print effects with a Gold Embossed logo or title, your Digipak or Card Wallets will certainly stand out from the crowd!

Make your CD’s or DVD’s similarly attractive by adding one of our special disc features like the Vinyl effect or a smell!

If you require more information about Gold Embossing please contact us.

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