Printed Inlay Cards Printed rear Inlay Cards for CD jewel cases Rear Inlay Cards printed Printed Rear Inlay Cards for jewel cases Printed Rear Inserts for Jewel Cases

Inlay Cards or Printed Rear Inserts are produced for inclusion in CD and DVD cases.

Rear Inlay Cards can be printed in a variety of ways to comply with customer requirements for Jewel cased products.

Rear Inlays cards or inserts are an essential part to any Jewel Cased product. and are not only informative but also an opportunity to convey the style of the CD or DVD's artist.

Rear inlays can be printed in full colour on one side only for use with inlay trays of a solid colour (e.g.: Black), or printed in full colour on both sides to add extra effect if supplied under a translucent or clear Jewel Case tray.

For duplicated discs, Dischromatics can supply Digitally Printed Inlay Sheets for inclusion in the jewel cases as well as the booklets - please click here for more information.

For the design specifications click rear inlay cards.

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