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 Living Pictures will grab the attention of potential customers with effects that include zoom, flip, 3D and more.

Holographic Effects have never been so eye-catching! Why not let our Living Pictures boost the desirability of your products, whether it's CD, DVD or applied to the packaging.

Living Pictures is a personalised solution available to steal a march on competitors. Guaranteed to grab the attention of anybody who sees one, a Living Picture of any size is imaginative and full of novelty value, providing a focal point as well as a topic of conversation.

Effects that can be achieved are: Flip effect, Morph effect, Motion effect, 3D effect and Zoom effect, and these are demonstrated below.

To benefit from this amazing product, you could choose to invent incredible 3D images or movies lasting several seconds for inclusion with your next packaging choice for your CD and DVD products.  Living pictures can also be used with promotional material such as rulers, postcards and tickets!

Flip Living Picture Effect    Morph Moving Picture Effect
"Flip Effect"
Usually a combination of 2 or 3 images, which alternate with each other sequentially to create an effect such as the one illustrated above.
"Morph Effect"
Used to transform one picture into another over 8 "phases" to create illusions and suggest ideas to clients such in the example shown above.
 Effect giving Moving Picture impression    Zoom Living Picture Effect
"Motion Effect"
This effect uses from 6 to 32 phases to create short (approx 4 second) movies to illustrate products and animate scenes.
"Zoom Effect"
From 6 to 12 phases are used here to move the image towards the client, focussing in on an important product for example.
 Batman 3D Living Picture Effect    
"3D Effect"
In contrast to previous solutions, this effect now uses up to 12 phases to give higher depth to the 3D effect and give the impression the image is raised. 

Living Pictures from Dischromatics will bring your product to life.

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