Printed O-Cards Printed O-Cards for CD Jewel Cases Printed O-Cards for DVD and CD Jewel Case covers O-Cards printed to cover Jewel Cases Printed O-Cards for CD Jewel cases

O-Cards are a perfect outer cover solution for the packed CD or DVD cases to slip into

O-Cards printed in full colour to a unique design will help you improve the marketability of the product and can be produced for single or multiple cases.

An O-Card will add to the experience of unique CD and DVD packaging, by using an O-Card to cover your CD Jewel Cases or DVD Boxes you will have the opportunity to increase the profile of your product.

O-Cards are left open at both ends to allow the CD or DVD box to be easily removed. Anything is possible, as O-Cards can be printed in full colour to your design. Our Graphic Designers will help with any design requirements.

O-Cards can house just one CD or DVD case, or can be larger to accommodate multiple cases.

For the Dischromatics design specifications for O-Cards, please click O cards.  

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