Printed Slipcases Slipcases for CD and DVD Products Printed Slipcases to fit over CD Jewel Cases Printed Slipcases to fit over DVD cases Printed Slipcases for CD and DVD

Slipcases can be used to cover CD jewel cases or DVD boxes and sealed at both ends.

Printed Slipcases will add to the visual effect of the packaging by conveying a message of quality and will offer extra marketing opportunities.

Slipcases Add to the experience of unique CD and DVD packaging, by using a Slipcase to cover your CD Jewel Cases or DVD Boxes. You will add visual quality and marketing opportunities to your product.

Slipcases can be sealed at both ends to completely enclose the CD Case or DVD box, or left open at one end for easy removal. If you require a slipcase open at both ends, please see O-Cards. Anything is possible, as Slipcases can be printed in full colour to your design.

Slipcases from Dischromatics can house just one CD case or DVD case, or can be made larger to accommodate multiple cases and multiple CD and DVD Duplication and CD and DVD replication

For the design specifications for Printed Slipcases, please click Slipcase design specs

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