Printed Stickers Printed Stickers can be serialised Serialised Stickers Printed Serialised Stickers Stickers printed and serialised

Stickers specially printed to be applied to CD and DVD products including cases, boxes, slipcases and O-cards.

Printed Stickers can have serial numbers or even passwords added for limited editions and access to websites and also for security measures.

Stickers can be applied anywhere on your CD case, DVD box, Booklet, Inlay Card, Slipcase or O-Card!

Design your own unique label stickers to distinguish your brand, or add serial numbers or passwords to limited edition releases or for website access or as a security feature. If you require help with design why not contact Dischromatics Graphic Design Department.

Stickers are especially useful when applied in conjunction with limited editionĀ CD's and DVD's.

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