Printed USB Keys USB Flash Memory Keys Printed USB Flash Keys USB Memory Keys printed Printed USB Flash Drives USB Keys printed in HSBC logo

USB Keys are a sort after promotional device that can be printed with your company details to always be in the eye of your customer.

USB Keys or Flash Memory Drives are great for holding catalogue information and can be copy protected, leaving spare storage space for additional use.

USB Keys are a great way to market your goods and services, for example on a catalogue contained on the stick, which can even be copy-protected to prevent deletion whilst allowing the rest of the storage space to be used by your clients, continually exposing them to your marketing material.

USB Keys or USB Flash Memory Drives come in a variety of styles, capacities and designs and all can be labelled with your artwork or duplicated to your master.

Dischromatics Graphic design department will assist with any design issues including logo design and artwork modifications.

For more information on USB Keys, please see the relevant page elsewhere on this site.

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