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Blu-ray Replication using Blue Laser technology with capacities of 25GB single layer and 50GB double layer

  Blu-ray Replication, the Next Generation of Optical Media are highly interactive with an optional java mode built in.

BD-ROM discs read with Blue Laser Technology gives up to a capacity of 25GB for single layer discs and 50GB for double layer discs. However with Blu-ray Replication, due to the way the discs have been developed there is in fact a possibility to increase this capacity to 200GB by using 8 layers in future!!!  
Replicated Blu-ray discs from Dischromatics are more than just a glorified DVD; they are highly interactive, having an optional java mode built in.  They also allow for internet connectivity meaning a multitude of possibilities (see Additional Features below) via broadband. Copy-protection (through AACS) is a standard feature of all Blu-ray discs. For more information on the key features and technicalities of Blu-ray technology please visit the relevant page. Dischromatics can guide you through the Authoring process so that the whole project is overseen by us and completed to your satisfaction.
Blu-ray was developed by the Blu-ray Disc Association and is backed by most major film studios like Disney, Paramount and Warner as well as IT giants like HP and Apple.  Blu-ray is of course also supported by Sony and Playstation3. New packaging variations are in the pipeline, but as the disc will be of the same dimensions as a normal CD or DVD, the current packaging options will of course still be available for use.
We deliver free to all UK destinations and throughout the European Union at certain times.

Additional Features

Bluray technology allows for improved navigation menus to be used with button animations along with alternate sounds and colours.  Menus can also be programmed to "pop-up" whilst the film continues to play in the background.  This is unlike a DVD where pressing the "menu" button stops the films and takes the user to the root menu of the disc.
Picture in picture is also possible, allowing for additional bonus features to be accessed and utilised as the film is playing, all in amazing high-definition format.  This is possible using the Java interface which also permits pop-up menus (described above) and games to be played whilst the movie runs in the background.
As Blu-ray players can also be connected to the internet via a broadband connection, interactive on-line gaming is also possible along with content downloading.  This content can be stored on the players’ hard-drive and later backed up onto a BD-R. Blu-ray Duplication can also be provided for smaller runs.
This feature allows for endless possibilities from downloading of subtitles specific to a person’s requirement through to choosing alternate endings to a film on different days of the week!  Even open source movies or live commentary from a director of a film can be achieved thanks to this unique combination of disc, player and the internet. 
Of course, these possibilities mean that the marketing potential via feedback from customers, purchasing of "add-ons" to disc content or direct access to specific websites is enormous. For CD Replication and DVD Replication Blu-ray Duplication please click on the appropriate link.
Blu-ray Replication delivered free in the UK.
Further information:
Technical Information.
AACS copy-protection


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