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CD Replication from the UK's only manufacturer.

CD Replication Supplied by Dischromatics as a trading division of Golding Products LTD. We specialise in helping small groups and bands with their CD Audio Music Replication.

CD Replication and packaging

CD Replication from Dischromatics includes free delivery in the UK and is ideal for production of larger volumes of replicated CD's (economical from 1000 units but available from 500). 
The final CD Replication also known as Compact Disc manufacturing and the production process is undertaken once Stampers are created from a custom-made glass master, the CD's are then stamped out or pressed using an injection moulding machine and finally printed with the customer's individual artwork for which our Graphic Design department will help. (Prior to full CD replication of the discs, we can supply check disks if required).
This gives an extremely high quality finish to the CD Production with offset lithographic or Pantone print, and when combined with the packaging option that best suits your needs, is sure to provide you with the CD replication disc you have been searching for. 
Standard CD packaging like Jewel Cases or Card Wallets are available as well as more specialised packaging like Digipaks or Tins.
Customers should be aware that there are no high volume CD Replication UK manufacturers left in the country. Dischromatics is based in Wales and has been trading since 1989 with a reputation for fairness, quality and with a large range of CD and DVD products at competitive prices.

Some of our Special CD Products

Dischromatics are a CD Replication company that can provide 12cm and 8cm "mini" CD-ROM manufacturing as well as CD AUDIO replication and CD-EXTRA production from 500 units. Please see CD Duplication for lower quantities or more urgent requirements. A full DVD Replication service is also available.
Copy protection using SecuROM™ can be provided for your extra peace of mind.
As well as supplying replicated CD discs with offset-litho or Pantone print, we can also supply specially coloured discs and exceptional dynamic copy-protection systems on all our CD replication and DVD replication products to avoid illegal copying.
A part white-base or Matt or Gloss varnish can also be used to provide a stunning final effect to your disc print.
We can supply replicated vinyl-effect CD's in many colours, with realistic grooves and with a coloured data side! All fully manufactured products are listed under Replication.
For examples of previous work and customers' thoughts, please see our Testimonials pages. You must ensure you have obtained the relevant copyright documents as these will be requested when placing your order for CD Replication Services
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Artwork Specifications.


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