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B/Boxes are metallic Jewel Cases which can be printed or embossed and can have a stud applied to hold the CD or DVD.

B Boxes have rounded corners and is an excellent alternative to standard packaging which is available in gold or silver.

The B/Box is an Audio size square metallic jewel case pack with rounded corners which can be printed and/or embossed plus can be sourced with or without a stud to hold the disc in place.

This is a great alternative packaging option from Discrhomatics which is available in silver or gold.

The B Box is a hinged metallic case with room for a booklet available for 8cm or 12cm size discs. The CD or DVD is displayed very effectively against a flat metal backing and can be held in place using a raised circle of metal with no centre. The case is about the same size as a standard Jewel Case so all standard paper parts will fit.

B/Boxes are manufactured from tinplate. The actual size is 142 x 125 x 11 mm.

They are available in gold and silver, can be fully printed and/or embossed. They are available with retaining ring for 1 or 2 discs or without retaining ring to insert for example a sleeve.

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