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Burgopaks operates like a draw and allows the CD or DVD to be revealed from one side by pulling a tab.

Burgopaks are available in single tray and two tray format and can be printed with your artwork.

A Burgopaks is a CD or DVD sized case that functions like a drawer with a clever hidden sliding mechanism that allows the disc to be revealed from one side of the pack by pulling a tab on the opposite side!  

This package is also available in a two-tray format, holding one CD or DVD on either side.  The pack can be printed to your own unique artwork and has already been used in foreign countries for popular movies such as "Wayne's World 2" and "Be Cool".

Material: 300 gsm cardboard
Format: CD, DVD
Std Finish: Glossy UV Varnish
Variations: With Single Disc, Single Disc & Booklet Pocket, With Two Discs, Two Discs & Booklet Pocket.
Optional Finishes from Dischromatics: Matt Varnish, Spot Varnish, Embossing
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