C-Shells for CD and DVD C-Shells in different colours CD C-Shells DVD C-Shells Clear Clam Shells and colours

 C-Shells are so named due to their shape, it's a clam pack which is slightly bigger than the CD and DVD.

C-Shells are offered in a number of different colours and are a lightweight and effective single pack option.

C-Shells are named after their shape, the Clam Shell pack is simply a thin plastic but effective protection of a slightly bigger size than the CD or DVD itself, allowing for lightweight protection and a snug fit.

Dischromatics can provide C-Shells in low volumes to go with CD Duplication and DVD Duplication. The CD or DVD is placed onto the circular button on one side and the other hinged side clipped onto the button to close.

Clear C-Shells are extremely effective when used with discs made from coloured polycarbonate, and other colours of case are also available.

Material: Plastic
Format:   125 x 125 mm for CD & DVD
Variations: C-Shell Transparent without punch holes, for 12cm Disc                                            C-Shell transparent with punch holes, for 12cm Disc                                                     C-Shell transparent without punch holes for 8cm Disc                                                   (other colours available on request).
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