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Discbox Sliders for CD and DVD operates with a unique and innovative opening and closing Mechanism.

The Discbox Slider has a thumb and forefinger cut out for easy operation; it is lightweight but extremely durable.

The Discbox Slider from Dischromatics has a unique "open and shut" mechanism that perfectly caters for promotional 12cm CD & DVD and recordable CD-R & DVD-R discs. It is an innovative packaging solution combining stylish and lightweight design with unique functionality.

It is easy to open thanks to the cut-out for thumb and grip for forefinger and it is lightweight and made entirely of durable card that does not easily crack or break. Card is the only component used in making the Discbox Slider making it a very environmentally friendly! Packaging option.

Material: 300 gsm cardboard
Format: CD, DVD
Std Finish: Water-Based Glossy
Optional Finish:  Glossy or Matt Lamination, Embossing, Hot foil-Embossing, Spot-Varnish, Reverse Side Print, Die cut.


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