CD E-Slipcases or Triggerpaks DVD E-Slipcases orTriggerpaks E-Slipcases/Triggerpaks for CD and DVD Clear E-Slipcases/Triggerpaks CD and DVD E-Slipcases/Triggerpaks

E-Slimcases, Triggerpaks and Ejector Cases are ideal for our customers looking for that something different. 

The names E-Slimcases, Triggerpaks and Ejector cases sound different but are actually the same product referred to by different people at different times.

E-Slimcase / E-Jewel case is a slim CD or DVD case with a fully moving mechanism available in various colours, the E-Slimcase ensures the CD or DVD is fully protected and secured into place using plastic stabilisers.

Triggerpaks and Ejector Case are alternative names; these products are an ideal solution for our customers who are looking for something different.

Its clear shell allows the label to be seen and a simple finger push plastic lever pushes the CD or DVD out of its stabilisers and out of its case.

Material: Plastic
Format:  142 x 126 x 5 mm E-Slimcase for 1 Disc or 142 x 126 x 7 mm E-Jewel case for 1 Disc and Booklet
Std Finish: Transparent Box with blue or black ejector.
Dischromatics Variations: E-Slimcase for 1 Disc, E-Jewel case for 1 Disc & Booklet; 143 x 120 mm with die cut and perforation; maximum page quantity 8pp
Optional Finish: Other Colours and Print possible for Triggerpaks.


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