Expericards for CD Expericards for DVD Expericards for Direct Mail Printed Expericards for Direct Mail Marketing CD and DVD Expericards

Expericards is a great way to send out CD and DVD discs in a printed Postcard pack for maximum effect.

Expericards allows the customer to use direct mail marketing techniques by sending out their Replicated media to individuals using an attractive postcard type pack.

An Expericards is a postcard solution for sending out 8cm and 12cm CDs or DVDs to individuals for direct mail marketing. 

Addresses can be printed directly onto the card or attached using a printed label. Dischromatics can also provide a fulfilment option.

You will find a huge increase on your return on investment by using this medium to reach your customers; it’s so much more than just a printed document. How many people will throw a CD or DVD in the bin before at least the benefit of seeing what’s on the disc, not many for sure and once they watch what you have to offer, it will stay in memory and enhance your follow up call.

Material: 300 gsm GC1 cardboard
Format: A6 for 8cm discs or A5 for 12cm discs
Std Finish: Front side: UV Gloss or Matt. Backside: No Varnish
Variations: With Window
Optional Finish: Embossing, Hot foil Embossing, Spot Varnish.


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