Smartboxes for CD and DVD Round CD Smartboxes Round DVD Smartboxes CD and DVD Smartboxes Smartboxes for your CD and DVD

Smartboxes are a circular tin without a hinge with a raised central area to help facilitate the removal of the CD or DVD.

Smartboxes can be printed and are available for low volumes as well as in large quantities and we can apply stickers when smaller runs are ordered.

Smartboxes are a circular, unhinged tin which are perfectly formed to house your CD or DVD. With a raised area in the centre of the base to facilitate the removal of the CD or DVD, and a separate lid which can be printed or embossed as required.

The Smartbox will really make your products stand out. It can be supplied with or without a stud.

Similar to the B/Box this is a great alternative packaging option. The use of stickers is an option to printing when smaller runs are needed.

Smartboxes can be printed or embossed by Dischromatics for added effect when ordered in larger quantities.

Material: Tinplate
Format: 125 mm diameter, 11 mm height
Std Finish: Unprinted
Variations: Round, Circular CD Box for 1 Disc. Can be printed or embossed.


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