CD Packs made from Wood Wooden DVD Packs Wooden CD and DVD Packs CD Wood Packs Wooden Packs for CD and DVD

Wooden CD or DVD Packs are a totally new concept in designer packaging for media.

Wooden CD or DVD packs will certainly make your customers appreciate your quality and make an attractive alternative to standard packaging.

Wooden CD Packs are a new concept in the world of packaging; the Woodcraft Box is fully crafted from two pieces of veneered wood and hinged together. This is a typical example of Dischromatics unique products.

The back is indented to hold the CD or DVD, with a central foam “button” to secure it whilst allowing easy release. Handy indents are provided around the outside to facilitate removal.

The front can also have an indent to house a booklet. The Woodcraft box can have information burnt onto it to add to the uniqueness of this product. There is a Glossy Varnish finish.

The Wooden Pack for CD or DVD can be 4 colour printed or 1 colour burn print and there is also an option to have a space for a booklet.

Size: 138 x 147 x 18 mm


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