Special CD and DVD Products including Vinyl Effect, Coloured, n-CD and CD Extra

 A Comprehensive set of features for Special CD and DVD products which will enhance your reputation with your customers

Vinyl Effect, Watermark, n-CD, CD-Extra, Sniffle Disk, Special Colours, Living Pictures or a combination of these, they are all available from Dischromatics! To help you differentiate your product in today’s competitive marketplace.

Mix and match innovative ideas from our ever-evolving list of services to get ahead, then you can ensure your creations are comprehensively protected using the relevant dynamic copy protection systems we supply!

Special CD and DVD disc features from Dischromatics (shown in the left-hand menu) are available to be added to your Replicated CD and  Replicated DVD product, plus some options are even available when purchasing duplicated CD and DVD media.

Effects such as special colours with Additional packaging features, like Gold Embossing, can also be used to help your valuable CD and DVD projects stand out, and these can be seen better by visiting the relevant packaging menu.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will be pleased to supply quotations for any of this outstanding range of products and in most cases can offer free samples for serious enquiries of any of our range of special CD and DVD products.


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